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Trickster Knights
<Special Event>
{Trickster Knights}

<Trickster Meta Knight>
<Trickster Blue Moon>

<Sumiko Knight> (Daughter Of Trickster Blue Moon And Trickster Meta Knight)

<Kaiko Knight> (Son Of Trickster Blue Moon And Trickster Meta Knight)

_Kirby And The Violet Moon Festival_
-Popstar Stuck Event-

Meta Knight Belongs To HAL Laboratories As Usual!
Blue Moon, Sumiko And Kaiko Belong To Me :3
In The Waters Of Siren Springs
Theme: Candy Candy (Gumi)

Blue Moon × Meta Knight ^-^

Meta Knight: "Here May I Suggest To Use This Invincibility Candy To Make You Feel Much* Better. I Recommend It."

Blue Moon: Where Did You Get These?

Meta Knight: Oh It Took Me Forever To Find Great Resources Of These Highly Useful Items.

Blue Moon: Well....Thank You.

Awww So Adorable :3

[Kirby And The Violet Moon Festival]

{Next Up: Trickster Meta Knight And Trickster Blue With Their Children Sumiko Knight And Kaiko Knight}


Meta Knight Belongs To Nintendo!

Blue Moon Knight Belongs To Me

Also This Drawing Was Quite Rushed So Enjoy!
President Haltmann (School Doodles #2)
Haltmann Belongs To Nintendo, Hal Laboratories!

Again Made In Calculus Class Honors! But I Took A Picture In This In My Home.

Again Crippled Picture..Blame The Calculus Textbook I Drag With My Drawings. But It's Al Right It's Still Lovely As It Is!
(I'm Quite Good At Making Things Look More Antiquity)

(Traditional Trash.)
President Haltmann (School Doodles)
So I Was In School, I Drew President Haltmann In Calculus Class Honors..And That Class Is Very Uncomfortable Especially When I'm Quite Small In Height (I'm 4'9)

Well I Might Make A New Account And Use A Different Program

Blue Moon × Sir Meta Knight Forever!
[The Lost Ones]
[The Partners In Crime]
[The Most Complex]
[The Mysterious And Mythical]
(Might Draw More Of That Ship)
(Fitting With The Theme [Speaking Japanese By Shiny Toy Guns])
(Or Bombastic By Bonnie McKee)

Haltmann Belongs To Nintendo
Hal Laboratories!

Apologies For The Crippled Paper! ^-^
Buh Bye!
~Happy Hour~
Just A Roplay I Had With A Friend...Suddenly I Ship These Two For Some Reason....He Reminds Me Of That Special Someone In My Life. He Just Makes Me Feel So Drunk Without The Alcohol...

"He Made Me Feel So Out Of This World. The Tension Felt So Unearthly. We Had The Similarities."
~Anubis Sapphira~

"Being So Broken To Never Be Fixed... Even Though There Are Two Broken Beings That Might Fix Eachother From Their Falls. Because From The Most Broken Beings Are The Wisest And The Most Comforting To Know Their Mistakes."

~Anubis Sapphira~

"Just A Bunch Of Words Could Make Someone Eat Humble Pie. And So Will You Admit The Mistakes You Tryed To Be Who You Really Are Not. You're Not A Illusion. No, Not Even A Blur. You're A Dream..But Also Reality To See You Symbolized As A Butterfly And I'm The Flower."

"It's Just The Littlest Things That Aggravate Me Because They Later Become The Biggest Scars Known To Puffball And Monster."

"But Haltmann Knows.He Just Doesn't Admit And Eat His Humble Pie. He's Broken..Rather Shattered In Pieces. The Tears Of His Lost Daughter Would Be Only A Scar To The Ones That Care About Him
Like Me"

~Anubis Sapphira~

(These Were Some Lines I Replied In The Roplay)
(Elvi Inspired Me)

"He. Just Makes Me Happy When He Smiles...Even When He's Drunk"

By Pyromarx

I have always been a Kirby fan.
  My first game I ever played was Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. I had played the game, forward to back all the way to 02.
 But every time I fought 02, I always felt unsettled; his theme always rung in my ears and the arena was hypnotizing, like a psychedelic experience. 
But I would have these nightmares…I would be alone in the dark void of 02's arena and I would look up to see 02 with a bleeding eye along with a black figure. It looked like Kirby but with wings and longer arms and what may have been armor. It had these orange eyes that would just stare, never blinking, never moving.
 02 was much more realistic in the dream. He would have the shards of the crystals that had been shot at him in the countless battles dug into his flesh and eye...and his halo was always much brighter. I would usually notice his tail was in its thorn form, but it would be painted with blood.
  Then it would just be nothing. Nothing but hours of me in the void with the two watching me. Then, the bodies of Kirby and his friends would appear, impaled on the thorns of 02's thorny tail…dead. I would smell the blood coming off their body's…then Kirby would wake up and say to me in a clear as day voice, "She never gives in, she will never die, and you will never escape. BEWARE THE BLOOD MOON!"
I never knew what it meant but I would be in my bed. Alone, with nothing but the Moon to fend off the darkness.
A few years later after the nightmares had long stopped, my friends told me about the game, Superstar Ultra. It was a remake of one of the best Kirby games, so they said, so I tried it out, I had really stayed out of the other games as I liked 64 the most with its cute characters and fun story. I hadn't even looked at the other games until then as I was oblivious of how many games they had made.
  Once I started the game, the music was awesome! I loved every minute of it. The music was great and the graphics were very well put together. I blew through Spring Breeze and Dyanablade, even getting all the way through The Great Cave Offensive! But then The Revenge of Meta Knight was unlocked.
 I instantly recognized his wings and posture. Strangely, his eyes were a lot less detailed and yellow instead of the orange, high detail version that the figure had had in the dreams. I just figured it was a coincidence. Though I was ungodly iffy when the music played. 
I played through it very fast once I saw the timer and I loved the style of the Halberd, along with its crew, but when I destroyed the generator with its reflecting laser, the Wheelie (my favorite helper by far) came from off screen, slowly drove over to Kirby and flopped on its side. It just lied there. I just figured maybe it was a glitch and just kept moving, again, very iffy. 
When Meta Knight’s crew claimed they would fight to the end I felt really bad for them. They wanted to do everything in their power to help Meta Knight and keep the mission alive, even when they knew they likely will die like the rest. 
Meta Knight then said, "I’m sorry.”
 I then was forced to fight them all, one by one, then when the battle ended, the text popped up but with the crew beaten with destroyed armor and helmets saying, "You’re cruel…just like her." 
They then said nothing else and Meta Knight’s battle began…

Meta Knight was just sitting on top his perch in the control room. Just sitting…he held the body of the Axe Knight in his hands.
 He then said without turning, "I will never forgive you for this. I simply wanted to make dreamland a better place, you are selfish, greedy, and don’t even will die by my blade."
 He then set down the bloody, lifeless body of the Axe Knight and instantly summoned a Mach Tornado without warning. It brought me down to half health instantly. I fought him with all my might but whenever I struck him with my sword a small bit of blood would fall onto the floor. As the fight moved on his mask would be scratched and slightly break. 
When the battle ended he lied on the ground without his mask and said, "You will be no match... when she comes for you. She lets no one leave her sight. I HOPE YOU FEEL THE BLOOD MOON!" then he flew through the window of the control room, breaking it, and out of sight. 
Kirby just stood there. He looked almost as confused and startled as I was...
Kirby was soon caught in the explosion of the main deck. The screen turned black and the suddenly the alarming music of the falling Halberd played as I was forced to drive on a Wheelie off the Halberd as Meta Knight shot his energy blasts at me. I barely had enough time and made it off the Halberd. Then the cutscene played as the others would in the rest of the game and then I was back at the menu.

I asked my friends the story of what had happened on the game. They said they never had encountered such glitches or anything remotely like it. They suggested maybe I had activated a glitch. They just suggested to keep playing and see what happened. So I continued on into Milky Way Wishes. 
It was a lovely little story, cute and pretty serious in a way. If you haven't played the game, the Sun and Moon are fighting and a little puff ball named Marx appears and says how the great comet Nova will grant any wish, and thus can stop the Sun and Moon. So he asks Kirby if he is up for it. Kirby willingly accepts and sets out to the surrounding planets to gather power and summon Nova. 
I saw there were 7 planets Kirby could visit. I liked the puzzles of each level even if some seemed unnecessary. I blew through most of them and then I got to Nova. 
Marx then revealed he himself had made the Sun and Moon fight and then set out to rule Popstar with Kirby near death in space, then the area around Kirby faded to black. All I heard was a disgusting, bone shattering crunch and when the screen returned what I saw was horrific. Marx's wings were now purple and his hat was ripped and shredded, and he now had fangs, and in those fangs was Kirby’s lifeless crushed body. Marx had very faint pupils and looked at me and then the screen went black.
 Suddenly, a new song was playing and I was in the 02 arena. Marx appeared in his normal form, the one he was back on Popstar, then his wings ripped out of his body, with blood spilling from the holes they made, his feet became jagged and sharp, his hat burst with a black aura coming out and his face became very distorted and grotesque, growing huge fangs as well.
  He lunged at Kirby, I made Kirby dodge only for Marx to come flying back from off screen to ram Kirby into the wall of the arena. Kirby already had little health left. I used my Copy Essence Deluxe to summon a Wheelie to help me. Marx came up from the ground in a wormhole and bit down on Wheelie, instantly killing him and he twitched on the ground bleeding and crying until he poofed into smoke. 
I tried to summon him back but the Copy Essence…was just GONE!? When I looked back at the top screen Marx held it in his claws and then looked at me with a smirk. He crushed it and it was gone, as was Wheelie. When I summoned Bugzy, my second-favorite helper, Marx grabbed him with his claws and bit down on his head, decapitating him. This time Bugzy simply lie there dead. 
This kept up with me summoning every last helper, hoping that one would withstand Marx's attacks. None of them did. Each one’s body would then just lie in the abyss of the arena. 
I finally only had sword and decided it was my only chance of winning. I fought till Marx was barely alive, to the point he had a crack, down his middle. Odd. I finished him off with a downwards slice. He just stood there with a look of disgust on his face. 
He then said in a very distorted voice, “If I can’t have my dream life then neither can you!”
 He then ripped in half with a black hole appearing between the halves. I made Kirby run as fast as he could and he barely escaped the black hole. 
Once the black hole disappeared, Marx said with his last words from both halves, “SHE WILL NOT LET YOU WIN! TASTE THE BLOOD MOON!”
 He then flew into the sky of the arena and the battle ended. Then the cut scene played, as Marx flew into Nova blowing them both into nothing.

I went to my friend’s usual meeting spot but they never showed up for some reason. So I just figured they were busy. I went home and tried to look up on the Kirby Wiki if this was normal, which I highly doubted. Nothing like this had ever been seen or touched on by the wiki so I started to think I must have a weird hacked copy, but then again my friend would have said something about it. So I just continued. 
The next game was Revenge of the King, many people said it was the most enjoyable story mode in the game, being one of the only games to feature Masked Dedede so I decided to go right in. Most of the gameplay was good so I felt relief that the weirdness was over. I was and will always be an idiot for that. 
The minute I defeated Kabula and entered the Castle, things got creepy. The minute Kirby flew in the walls were old, covered in vines and damp, like no one had inhabited it in centuries. Bruised and cut Waddle Dees would limp towards Kirby attempting to attack him. Every enemy you would normally see were either near death or would run in fear, such as the Waddle Doos…they would just cower in fear and cry.
  Then Dedede started to send mini-bosses after Kirby. The first was a clock but now he was broken, springs and wires hung out of his body and his attacks were sloppy; barely functioning. When he died he just collapsed on the ground like a pile of scrap metal. A group of Waddle Dees ran over and fled with the remains. I ran after them and they fled through a door. I followed to find a room where the scrap metal was being used to build a new clock boss. This one was even more destroyed. I realized then that this means they have been doing their best to keep their people alive at all costs due to lack of food from the first Spring Breeze story! All the minions in the room then noticed Kirby and ran away in fear. I continued on.
 After fighting a Grand Wheelie, a heavily cut and slashed Phan Phan, and Twin Fire Lions, I made it to the final stretch. 
King Dedede said whilst I made my way to his throne room, "I’m so sorry, but it’s your turn." 
His assistant Waddle Dee (whom I call Bandana Dee) said, "But…but…Great King! I can’t fight on my own, especially against that monster!" 
“Fine, you’re free to leave…you’re too innocent for this…" 
 “But King I can’t leave you!" 
"I’m sorry.”
 I had a quick flash back to Meta Knight and his crew…I'M SORRY! I realized I was only making things worse for an already awful king and his peasants.
 I paused the game and looked up on the Internet if this was normal.  (Something I should have done long ago) This was partially correct so I continued. 
When I entered the next room, Bandana Dee was waiting and said: "I can’t let you go any further!" 
He then pulled out a spear and tried to attack Kirby. I managed to dodge and hit him with my mirror swing and he instantly fell to the ground. 
Barely alive, he spit out, "She... is... coming... soon... FINISH IT NOW KING!"
 He then closed his eyes and lied on the ground. Dead. Kirby went up to his body and sadly picked up the poor Dee and put the body in front of the door to the King’s room. He then said in text, "I’m sorry.” Kirby entered the room.

Once I entered the room, Kirby just stood there in the dark. Only he was visible. Then the King fell down from the ceiling. His normally lush and furry coat was now dirty and torn. He had a sliced eye, likely from our first battle in Spring Breeze. 
He looked at Kirby, then turned to me on the other side of the screen and said "I am only trying to keep my people alive you greedy pig. But now that you've killed almost everyone I have ever loved, you leave me no choice." 
A mask and robotic hammer lowered from the ceiling of the dark room by chains and Dedede picked them from the chains. 
He put the mask on and held the hammer in his hands. "I do not intend on running now, as living in fear is not my idea of what living is."
 The room then lit up, to reveal that we were in the 02 void on a platform that looked like the destroyed remains of the arena from Spring Breeze.
 It was burned and ripped everywhere...Dedede then thrusted his hammer into the air and shouted "Our grudge will be settled now!"
 The visor of his mask darkened to leave only the dark red eyes glowing behind the metal mask. He started the battle sliding at me, with his hammer leading towards Kirby. I jumped to avoid him and then used my mirror ability to slam into him with the split attack. He tripped behind me and then slid again. This time I made Kirby block since Mirror Kirby’s block was invincible. He hit me and recoiled a little, looked at the shield around Kirby and hit it with his hammer and fails. In anger he tries again and again and again until his hammer's back end opens to show a small rocket sticking out and it ignites. Dedede's health bar slowly dwindles a tiny bit trying to hold force on the hammer to charge up, until he releases it and it shattered Kirby’s mirror guard! I tried to guard again but the shield was cracked and was useless.  Dedede then hit Kirby across the stage and Kirby barely avoided falling into the endless void.
 Dedede fought really well and Kirby was at half health when suddenly Dedede, after getting halfway to death, stopped and said: "I will not stand for this! SHE HAS ALREADY PUT US THROUGH ENOUGH!" 
His hammer then turned into a scythe covered in red veins and the metal blade was made of what appeared to be made of the blue crystals from Kirby 64. He then lunged at Kirby and I barely managed to dodge. He was much harder this time around, he would make mini-tornadoes with his scythe, like Meta Knight. He would occasionally shoot small orbs of energy from his mask’s visor. He finally was at such low health he would only be one hit away, then stopped. His mask was now half destroyed, revealing that he had grown fangs, and his eyes had become snake-like and his eye scratch was bleeding now.
 He said, "I now know I’m fighting a one sided battle but...I will die knowing I did my best and my pride will be intact. I did everything I could for my people. Now it’s up to them..."  
With the last of his energy, he threw his scythe in a spinning manner at me and it created a giant Mach Tornado that enveloped most of the screen. I realized my shield was working again and Kirby barely made it through. Then the scythe came right back at Dedede, who was barely alive at this point, wobbling to stay on his feet. The scythe then impaled him through his gut. 
He looked at Kirby in shock then spoke his final words: "THE BLOOD MOON IS UPON US!"
 He then fell into the abyss out of sight, not even flailing. Then I was back at the menu. 

I sat there in bed, in the darkness. The only light visible was the light of the Moon shining through my window. I couldn't sleep, not after the things I had seen in Revenge of the King. I tried to close my eyes and lie in bed but I felt nothing, no semblance of sleep. I got back up trying to think of something to do. Should I go online and ask people on Facebook or Tumblr? Or should I just relax and look at memes? 
Then I looked at the moonlight in my room and noticed…my DSi was laying in the center of the light, on my desk, opened. 
Not on, just opened. I looked where I had placed it down on my dresser and saw it had been moved for sure...impossible. 
 I jumped when I saw it had just turned itself…on?
 I looked around my room…nothing, no one to be pulling a prank, no wires or mechanisms to turn it on…when I looked back, the screen was flickering a little and occasionally I would see colors that looked orange and maybe red. Then I would see some yellow circles...interesting. Also terrifying. I then noticed the light of the Moon changing color…starting at yellow, orange,…the Blood Moon...I looked back at the DSi and noticed it had stopped flickering and was clear as day now.
 It was Meta Knight…with his yellow eyes behind his mask looking at me from behind another figure...with orange eyes...staring…
I yelled desperately, "No...No...NO...NO...NOOO! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!"
 I got out of bed and threw the DSi at the wall. It just fell and was at the normal screen, but there was no damage to the wall or the DSi...somehow. The Moonlight was normal again.
 I got back in bed with my DSi...thinking, "Maybe I was sleepwalking?"
 I then decided…I must finish whatever is happening now. I opened the game. Only to find myself at the new games menu already instead of the usual intro and menu...Meta Knightmare Ultra. 

Meta Knight was standing on a hill with the wounded members of his crew, Mace Knight, General Vul and Sailor Dee, stood above the dead body of Axe Knight.
  Meta Knight was cloaked with his cape, covering his head and most of his body. It was a deep void-like black and he stood there looking at Axe Knight. Sailor Dee was crying, Vul held his hat over his chest in respect and Mace Knight was on his knees...praying. It felt like an eternity that they just stood there in the rain alone. Then Meta Knight slowly walked down the slope of the hill with Axe Knight’s helmet…bloody and damaged.
 He then said, "It’s time we rid of the menace who has befell our world."
 He then continued walking down the hill, while Sailor Dee watched and waved sadly. The others didn't turn and continued mourning. Then the screen went white. 
The game started in Green Greens, like Kirby had in Spring Breeze. The sky was gray and dark and a mist surrounded the forest in the distance, making the mountains look like islands in a ghostly sea. The enemies we would normally see were there, but they wouldn't attack Meta Knight. They would either ignore him or notice him and get out of the way. Upon reaching the Warp Star, it and Meta Knight flew down into the fog. 
Upon landing, he receded his wings and looked around before I could make him move. The forest was dark and foggy. It was raining and you could easily hear it. I even looked up from the screen to check my window. He continued on, this time very few enemies were there, the bear guy was asleep, the Poppy Bros. were lying on the ground trying to stay dry underneath the star blocks. Other enemies just never appeared.  The tree that normally would be used to climb through was rotted and chunks of it would fall underneath Meta Knight’s weight. There were mushrooms growing and other vile undergrowth sprouting and any enemies that resided here prior had abandoned it.
 Eventually Meta Knight made it to Onion Oceans. The ocean had a thick layer of fog over it and the water was still, no waves and the enemy's would all swim away in fear. When he made it to King Dedede’s castle, there was merely rubble and remains of the arena lay in the center, scorched, drenched in blood and shredded from the previous battles. 

Then he moved on to Dyna Blade, Great Cave Offensive and then Milky Way Wishes. For some reason, Revenge of Meta Knight never showed up. But I can only guess why. In Milky Way Wishes, a cutscene played and it showed Meta Knight, with the head of Dyna Blade and a golden gauntlet from The Great Cave Offensive and he looked into the sky, put the cup down, and flew off into space.

The first level that was normally passing through the seasons was very harsh. The spring phase was rainy and melancholy, with no enemies to be seen. The summer was, dry, barren and empty of life.  The fall was downpouring and lightning would crash in the distance and the winter was thicker than would be habitable. 
The boss was Twin Woods. This time though, one of the trees was just a rotted stump, and the remaining tree continued fighting. When I defeated him, he fell over and only a stump remained...the second level, the ocean level, was also very rainy, the water was rapid and the waves were twice as large as Meta Knight. The enemies were dead in the water, floating lifelessly towards the top, some with clouds of red around them…but that would mean it was recent...wouldn't it? This was proven when I found a squid enemy struggling to move away from Meta Knight, his limbs had been ripped off and were bleeding into the water. I continued on. 
Then I got toward the end of the level and out of nowhere the floor fell beneath Meta Knight. It was a boss to replace Fatty Whale, I assumed. But this was a form of eel creature with had purple scales and orange, glowing eyes.  Its jaws were as long as the Meta Knights and it had millions of jagged teeth, so many in fact, that the game could hardly render it. It attacked by leaping from the water and crawling across the arena with minuscule amphibious fins. I avoided the attack by flying up and over him. He would also occasionally eat a squid from the ocean below the arena and would gain a bit of health back, splattering its body into the water. This went on for a while until I killed him and Meta Knight watched as the eel creature fell into the black water out of sight, sinking into the endless abyss.
 Then we continued to the next level. This was the level where it was just very cloudy. This time the clouds were dark and a lot of the enemies were seen hiding inside the clouds, like wild animals in shrubbery. The clouds would occasionally strike with lightning and even hit some of the enemies like once when a Waddle Dee was struck and fell into my path.
 Kracko was replaced with a thunder cloud which had what appeared to be three horns sticking out of the bottom of it. Each was covered in crusty blood. His eye looked really weird. Almost realistic. He attacked very similar to Kracko, lightning shooting down and occasionally dropped a Waddle Doo. But half way through his battle he sprouted giant red wings and all his attacks became immensely fast. He had a new attack where he would fly out into the back ground and would fly in aileron rolls towards the arena and would ram Meta Knight. I barely survived this time. When he died his clouds disappeared and it revealed his body was an eye, with wings and horned underside. It then tried to fly away but Meta Knight jumped and attack him causing it to explode and what was left fell to the ground. 
Meta Knight then said, "None will get in my way." 
The next level was the lava stage. It was always the hardest to me due to the difficulty of maneuvering throughout the caves. Meta Knight made it easier with his healing and faster flying though so getting past the stage wasn't a problem. Not much was too different in this stage anyway.
 The next was the cave planet, this time it was very similar to the previous stage with tons of lava.
 The stage after that was the mechanical stage but this time I didn't even have to fight the silver Heavy Lobster or anything at that. The entire stage was empty and void of life. 
I entered the final level which was normally covered in stars but was now just a hill in space. Meta Knight walked up it with Axe Knight’s helmet still in his hands. He spoke "We have made it. Now we can grant your last request." The stage ended and I was at the Milky Way Wishes planet map...but now Meta Knight was replacing Kirby and his Warp Star. He then moved himself towards the bottom of the map towards a slightly bigger star that flashed every now and then. He entered and the level began but I wasn’t playing. Meta Knight was walking by himself.

The level was completely black. The ground was pitch black and the area in the distance was just dark blue, like a night sky with no stars. As if the ground was an outline. He walked slowly, holding the helmet in his hands. The sound of wind and rain could be heard but I saw nothing on screen. 
Then I noticed the light from the Moon in my room was gone and when I looked out the window I saw the Moon was covered by a thick layer of clouds. The forecast for the week was clear skies though, but now clouds stretched all the way across the sky.
 Meta Knight continued but he had his eyes closed. I saw nothing of his face, just an empty visor. Then I noticed the background change slightly. It was darker. It was slowly becoming darker and darker. Once it completely faded out, all I saw was Meta Knight. He walked a little more, then the background flashed white, like lightning. Then, we were there. The 02 arena.
 I whispered to myself, "No…" But then Meta Knight looked at me and said, "Yes, I’m afraid. Yes."
 He looked back over at the area. In the back of the arena I could see faces...distorted and screaming. They were my friends. 
"Why? Why would anyone do this!?"
 Meta Knight then said with his eyes closed, "I’m sorry, but my friends are worth more than you and your pitiful friends ever would be." 
He kept walking. I saw so many faces, many I could recognize. Then Meta Knight came to a stop. He looked up and it was silent. 02 himself then hovered down from above. He looked just like in my dreams from my childhood. He looked at Meta Knight and then one of his wings spawned a little feather, about the size of Meta Knight’s visor in comparison. He dropped it and it flew down to Meta Knight’s feet. He dropped to his hands and Meta Knight looked like he was in pain. 
He looked up and a black figured lowered behind him.
 "Those You!" 
Meta Knight looked up at the figure behind him and said, "I request the death of the one who has destroyed our lives. The one who has plunged our world into darkness. I give my life for his death!" 
He then pulled out his sword, trembled a little and impaled himself. He bled out on the floor as 02 and the figure watched, never blinking, almost like they were in delight. 
Then the feather flew up a little and landed on Meta Knight’s bloody body. It trembled a little bit, then settled, turned red and stopped. 
The figure then blinked. I had never seen it do that. 02 looked at the figure. 
The figure then spoke in a voice, similar to a woman, "I have been awakened. The BLOOD MOON is now!"
 The figure trembled and the blackness of its figure rippled like water in space. Then it took shape. Two wings, red like a phoenix or perhaps Dyna Blade, two feet with black armored boots like Meta Knight, two armored shoulders and hands like meta knight, and feathers on her head that were a little torn, like Marx’s destroyed hat and Dyna Blade, then finally a mask to hold the orange eyes.
 It screeched out "I AM BLOOD MOON! NOW FACE MY WRATH!" 
02 suddenly made his vine tail appear and on it were the dead bodies of the previous bosses. The 2 pieces of Marx, the impaled body of the King, next to him the body of Bandana Dee and now Meta Knight’s body hovered over and made a disgusting sound as his body was joined with the others.
 "Now feel their pain!"
 She then pulled out a silver and red sword and a beam shot out of it at the bodies and each one began to contort. Marx's halves came back together, but his hat became bigger, his feet had three spiked edges and his wings grew long and grotesque. 
The King's hole from the scythe was partially healed, growing smaller, then it grew what looked like fangs, a second mouth. His robe was fixed but was long, black and looked like what Death would be portrayed as. Bandana Dee then hugged him and they had moment of tenderness, but then they saw me on the other side of the screen. 
Then finally Meta Knight was reborn. His mask looked like a sharp plus sign and two horns sprouted from it. His bat wings were now angel-like and he had a shield and a longer sword. He dropped down with now red eyes and stood alongside the others. 
They all looked at me and then the screen flashed to show a new menu option. I looked up from the screen to see the room was now brightened by a red glow, from the Moon. 
The Blood Moon. 

The menu was titled "The True Arena”. The background was an arena with a blood center where likely many battles had been fought. I couldn't leave the menu so I just tried turning off the DSi, nothing happened. So I did the only thing that I could think to do. End the nightmare.
 I entered, upon doing so a cutscene played. Kirby was on a cliff side, the same that Axe Knight had been put to rest upon. He was hurt, crying, and trembling in fear. The camera turned to show all of the killed villains looking down at him: Dedede and Bandana Dee, Marx, and Meta Knight, who was now a pink color. They all stared at him in their newly destroyed, death-wracked forms and above them was 02 and Blood Moon looking down, entertained, by the display of fear. 
Then Kirby was in a room. It was a holographic like floor, again similar to 02's arena. In the background a floating arena could be seen, likely where I was going to fight and the sky around it was more of 02's void. Sometimes I’d notice tiny floating islands in the void, some would have forests above them, some would be solid rocks with holes in them like a cave system and others would be just platforms…but they all looked like areas I had been...this means that Blood Moon is literally ripping chunks of the universe into a void just so people can fighter for her entertainment and I’m next.
 I had the option of either sword or fighter; I went with sword because I like it more and it seemed appropriate. I entered a portal to the left of the rest area and entered. 
The first battle was twin woods again. Easy. Upon defeat they poofed back to nothing. Next was Lolo and Lala. Again, easy. This went on for a while with mini-bosses and not very major bosses for a while, but then it was time to face the final three.
 Now I was in the arena that had been floating in the void. There was a viewing platform and in it I could see Blood Moon watching Kirby with great intent. Above the arena 02 floated, watching and waiting. The door below the viewing platform opened. It revealed Marx waiting inside. He slowly walked out with his jagged and sharp new feet and his wings tucked in to fit through the doorway. It was weird watching Marx walk for once. 
He just calmly walked up in front of me, he then let his wings lash out and he got into a fighting position and before the battle began he said, "I may not be getting my wish, but as long as you die, I will be complete." 
He then lunged forward at Kirby. I jumped over him and did a downwards slash, he screamed in pain and then recoiled and hit me against the wall of the arena. Almost half of Kirby’s health was gone. The battle was almost the same as the first, except now he attacked much faster and used the black hole move often. 
Eventually he was only several strikes away from death. I charged at him and before I struck he said, "I hope that Blood Moon makes you suffer…fool." 
Kirby then stabbed him straight in the head and Marx was dead again. 
The round ended and Kirby was sent back to the rest area but now the void around the arena was more violent, the shades of black and red ruptured repeatedly and would move rapidly, occasionally showing faces. The next match was King Dedede and Bandana Dee. 

King Dedede and Bandana Dee entered together. They stared Kirby down with disgust, while Kirby simply looked at them, upset that he had to kill them. Bandana Dee pulled out a new spear. It was very long and had gross fleshy veins creeping up it. 
The King revealed his new scythe which was similar but with an eye right at the edge where the blade and hilt combined. The King had no mask but now had a hood to cover most of his face. Only his mouth and glowing white eyes were visible. He then spun his blade around like a helicopter with Bandana Dee doing the same. They both lifted into the air and instantly rushed Kirby. They fought much harder to the point that I was feeling the stress as well.
 Half-way through the fight, Dedede and Dee used a form of double attack where Bandana Dee got on top of King and they both began spinning at Kirby. I managed to outrun them, though narrowly, until they became disoriented. Upon them being vulnerable I attacked again and knocked Bandana Dee out. He went flying against the wall making a horrendous snap as if his spine was shattered on impact. He then fell to the floor and didn't even resist his fate. 
The king was instantly furious and he shouted, "No...No...No, NO, NO, NO, KILL! MURDER! DESTROY! DIE!"
 He then summoned a second scythe and continued the battle. Now he attacked in quicker succession and left little room to attack. He also had a new move where he would cross his blades in front of him and a purple Artra would rush him forwards almost instantly, hitting the other side of the arena, damaging it steadily every time.
 Toward the end he started to loose stamina and slowed down almost to a stop and watched as I slowly came towards him to give the final blow. But before I could, he tried to rush me one more time and used his double scythe rush. He missed as I jumped over him and downward sliced him, causing a huge gash to appear in his cloak and back. He rammed the wall of the arena, destroying it and making a large hole into the void below.
 He managed to grab onto the ledge and was struggling to get up on safe ground again and spoke, "I'm sorry for what I've done to you Kirby. It's all her fault. I beg of you, please help... me..."
Kirby ran over and started to grab him and raised him to standing before the King stopped and held still with blank eyes. Kirby looked behind him to see Blood Moon’s sword stuck in his stomach. Blood Moon laughed from on her platform looking down on the display and telekinetically brought the sword back to her and placed it back in its sheath. King Dedede's cloak disappeared and he stood in his original clothes and he looked like he would have any other day. He looked down at Kirby still blank and spoke, "Kirby? in my chest...? What’s wrong with Waddle Dee? Where are we? It…hurts…agh…please…help…I’ll…change" He then staggered backwards and fell into the void. His eyes close and he gently muttered, “I swear I’ll change for them.”

Now the rest area was frantic. The world was like static of a television flashing black, yellow and red in quick succession and the arena’s rubble from Dedede's attack was floating around the arena like an asteroid belt. The rest room was barely stable and parts of the flor would fall into the abyss. So this must be the final battle...I entered the door and watched Meta Knight in his new form readying for battle. 
Blood Moon spoke to him like a master to a student, "He may have been able to defeat Marx and the King, but were always my favorite…I shall call you hence forth...Galacta Knight...yes, that has a good tone to show him the most powerful fighter in the galaxy can do..."
  He never spoke back or nodded. Just stared as he prepared for battle. With his new shield and spear-like sword he flew into the arena and stared Kirby down waiting for me to make the first move.
 It was silent for the longest time until Blood Moon simply shouted, "On with it!" and he shot three lasers right at Kirby and jumped out of sight. 
I jumped and ducked under them and narrowly slid out of the way as he dove down and started a shock wave that I jumped over. I quickly shot a laser at him since I had full health but he deflected it with his shield, before flying right at me. I swiftly ducked under and sliced up, stunning him and he tried to summon Dark Axe Knights to help.
 Galacta Knight had many more abilities than Meta Knight did, such as summoning dark versions of the Meta Knights, double Mach Tornados, lasers and could fly ludicrously fast to ram Kirby.
 The fight was actually a little easy for a while, likely because it was barely Meta Knight anymore, but rather a reckless zombie husk of him. Until I lowered him to half health. His mask fell off to show his new face was pink like Kirby and he had a huge scar where he had stabbed himself to summon Blood Moon.
 He shouted at Kirby, "I am not going to let a speck of you survive! I will spread your remains throughout the universe and leave them to rot!" 
His wings grew a little bigger and changed color to a black and gray hue, like that of a raven. His horns grew bigger and gnarled and his sword became even longer, almost twice as massive as him.
  He attacked again, this time swinging his massive sword down onto the ground causing a shockwave to shake the arena. Kirby jumped but Galacta jumped up and grabbed Kirby. I struggled to get free but he flew up off screen with me and pile drives Kirby straight into the ground, causing a massive hole to form in the arena. Kirby looked around in fright as the arena started to crumble beneath him and he fell into the abyss. 
Galacta followed after us and soon we fought again. Now with limited play forms, falling down into the darkness became very ominous, with many moments that were spent staring at each other. Galacta tried flinging bits of rubble at Kirby and I would hit them and they would either fall apart or be sent back at him. This went on for a while, jumping across debris hoping that we could make it back or survive. 
Eventually, Galacta Knight looked below and shouted "We are almost to the point of no return! I will finish you now and your body will float in the infinite forever!" 
He then lunged straight at Kirby and I jumped, did a downwards slice and it was over. He was stabbed in the back and suddenly his face became Meta Knight’s again. 
He said, "I see now my mistake, I am the one who has released the evil, I now accept my fate. And you...I give you my last bit of power." He grabbed Kirby and threw him upwards as hard as he could. I looked back down to see him turning back to Galacta Knight and crystallizing as he fell into the darkness... 

I managed to fly Kirby back up to arena and landed on the edge of the hole. Kirby got on his hands crying. Blood Moon was up on the platform and blinked, confused that her strongest warrior was defeated. 
She then spoke, "Well…it seems we have a first. Let's have a round of applause for the one true champion of the true arena...not like anyone truly saw it. Now…" 
She flew down to Kirby. "Since you've bested my greatest warriors. You have an option. Join me…and fight as my best warrior can join the rest....Kirby." 
I noticed 02 was right beside her above us with an open spot on his vine...
Kirby looked at her and without warning stabbed her in between the eyes! 
She kept looking with displeasure and spoke. "Well…it seems you've chosen the latter option...for you and your friend..."
 She looked at me through the screen, "Well…it doesn't matter...many other people in the world are just as good or better then I'm sure one of them will join." 
She pulled Kirby’s sword out of her face and stared into his soul. "This is the end of your life. All your universe-saving and ability-copying…did you ever think for a minute that your twisted, ruthless path of consumption and destruction would lead you anywhere else? Did you ever think it would hurt this much?"
A tear rolled down Kirby’s blushed and pink face as he took his final breath. 
 She stabbed Kirby right between the eyes like he did to her and he fell to the ground.
 She then looked to me. "Don't worry. You will live longer than he did." 
Then she turned to her black aura self and disappeared. The DSi died and I noticed the Blood Moon’s light was still shining. I looked around the room and noticed my sliding closet was open. 
I had left it closed. 
Then two eyes opened. 
The eyes of Blood Moon.
 She lurked through the shadows and gave me the same soul-piercing glare as she had to Kirby. 
I got on my knees and gawked in fear…she looked at me then spoke, "What did you expect? Me to leave and never harm you again? Don't be so silly. I get my job done and you’re my next and final chore for this job. Don't worry, you will have a while before you go straight to Hell..." 
She then drew her sword and sliced my arm, which burned like a heated rod of iron. I clenched my arm in pain and fell onto my bed, cringing.
 "Ohh, that looks like it hurts a lot...are you ok? I don't want it to be easier…only harder from here." 
She then sliced my other arm, then my legs, and my chest, she took joy out of each one.
 Pleased by my tears and blood. I screamed in pain and slammed on the floor, shouting in agony.
 She then came close to my face and said finally, "I have not much time left I'm afraid, but remember…I am always here. Even when the sky isn't red or when the ocean isn’t blood. I will always be here. Waiting…and when the sky becomes the hue of your wounds, I shall return and all that you know and love will become my idle play things. So, sweet nightmares.”
 She then backed away into my closet, blinked and was gone.

It has been 3 years now since that fateful night. I now lay here in my prison. 
 I was blamed for the death of my friends, they think my wounds were them resisting.
 I told them the whole thing, every detail.
 They know it.
 They just don't believe it.
 But they will know. 
 She will show them all.
 And I wait patiently for my death, so I may be rid of this nightmare. It's the Fourth of July now. Once my favorite holiday with my friends. Now I only feel grim fear and her presence. I have a window in my cell and I will look out of it occasionally and see the fireworks. 
Sometimes green and blue. 
Maybe purple and a bit of pink...but then I always see the white, orange and red...and I'm reminded...she decides your fate...she watches you…and she will stop at nothing…until you are hers. I now look into the sky full of eyes. And wait.

With A Help Of A Friend We Made This Story!

Credits To pyro Marx
Blood Moon Knight Is My Kirby Character... We've Work Together To Make This With Much Dedication And Effort

She Was Originally A Creepypasta! Weird Right? We've Always Thought Of Her Like That... Haha

Enjoy Watch Pyro Marx's Page!


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